Artist Collaboration

Although we are not currently looking to add new artists to our offering, we are always on the lookout for artists for future collaborations. If you are interested in being considered for a future collaboration, please submit 3 images that represent the kind of art you would like considered. Image size should be no taller or wider than 1000px. Please email these images to artist@alex-andrite.com and title the email “New Artist”. We will confirm receipt of all emails.

Can handles be added to doors?

Yes. We just need to know where to place the handle and what the screw spacing is.

How do handle-less doors work?

To create a clean uncluttered look on upper doors, we can extend your new door down below the cupboard so that you can open the door from the bottom.

New cabinets?

If you are installing new Ikea cabinetry, we can manufacture doors to fit your new Sektion kitchen.  


In the case of refacing, or replacing your existing doors, we need to measure your existing doors. We can do this for you if you live in the Greater Toronto Area. If you live outside this area, have your kitchen designer or kitchen manufacturer help you with this.

What is the maximum size of doors?

Currently we can manufacture doors up to 48” tall.

What is the durability of the doors?

The front of our doors are acrylic glass. Overall the product is pretty durable, but there are a couple of guidelines to follow to keep your doors looking new.

Cleaning – The acrylic front should only be cleaned using a soft cloth with mild soaps (dish soap) and lukewarm water. Rinse well. DO NOT use window cleaning fluids or scouring compounds.

Scratches – Your hands will not scratch the front or the frame, but rings or sharp items like knifes may. Do not punch or stab your doors.

Can I Change the fronts myself?

Yes. You will need a Phillips screwdriver and something soft and clean to place the door on. Detailed instructions to come.